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Gear Up Parts
We have a large selection of parts to help you restore your Comanche belly from a Gear-Up Landing.

See a selection of gear-up parts

400 Lower Cowling
We have the tooling, parts & material, and expertise to produce and assemble the Comanche 400 lower engine cowling. Shown below with
louvers for the Turbo 400. We offer the lower cowling partially assembled to the degree you desire.

(Click on thumbnails for larger view of image)


Miscellaneous Parts
Below is a small photo sampling of some of the various parts we manufacture and/or stock. (Click on thumbnails for larger view of image)

We repair Comanche airboxes and offer repair kits.We repair Comanche airboxes and offer repair kitsWe have brand new gear lever boots and plates

We have the single engine Comanche air intake coupling boot.We carry most all electrical switches, including Gear and FlapWe offer Comanche fuel caps which keep your fuel in and water out.

Our Tubular style door locks fit Cabin, Baggage and Fuel DoorsWe can supply Comanche spinners and bulkheads, aluminum and compositeWe can reproduce your carb heat and muffler shrouds


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